Enjoying Spring in Boston’s Public Garden

One aspect that I love about living in Boston is the option to find parks of numerous shapes and sizes throughout the city.

They range from the very large such as the Back Bay Fens, “The Fens”, located near Fenway Park. The all-embracing Charles River Esplanade stretching along the riverbank and smaller ones such as the Norman B. Park. This oasis of green is located in the middle of the financial district and it brings a great break from the craziness of the city.

The Common and the Public Garden

The most famous park in Boston is called the Boston Common, located in the heart of downtown. It was formerly a site for grazing cattle until the late 1800’s but today it brings together visitors to the city as well as residents.

Right next to the “Common” - as called by residents - is a must go of the whole town: The Boston Public Garden. The park was the first public botanical garden in the country and today it still retains its iconic Victorian designs.

Visitors can revel over the park’s constant changing floral patterns, scattered historical monuments and enjoy a diversity of plants and trees.

Boston Spring 10.2 LR SIGNATURE small.jpg

Visit During Springtime!

If you are looking into Boston for your future trip, consider coming during the spring. It is one of the best times to visit the city: The weather is mild and the flowers are blooming, especially in the Public Garden.

The best time: I would recommend a visit starting late April or even better, from May to June.

If you are one that loves tulips you may be able to enjoy them in the spring as the city is continuously changing their designs. Every year I get surprised with the diversity and powerful colors of their gardens.

If you are in luck you may see the stunning Black Tulip, a hybrid that is not actually truly black, but deep purple and my favorite of them all!